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“È possibile modificare ciò che si fa, ma non è possibile modificare ciò che si desidera". Warnings: Based on S1E5 when Arthur attempts to take his own life. See more posts like this on Tumblr. Nor had they taken note of the nicks and scabs littering his fingertips after many failed attempts to replace the dulled cap blades. After a night celebrating the reopening of the Garrison, the Shelby sister stumbles across a face from her past, one she never thought she would see again. The previous night hadn’t been plagued by mental torment, the girl having sobbed herself into a dreamless sleep after her brothers had shuffled out of the room. Oct 27, 2019 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. loneliness, thwarted connections, a rollicking good time; Sensual, emotional, gay or bi, real, and questioning the status quo. Fucking Christ. luca changretta x reader luca changretta imagine peaky blinders fic peaky blinders imagine peaky blinders x reader. And the three oldest Shelby sons became uncle figures to Isaiah, albeit uncles who ran an organised crime syndicate which he too worked within. A battle won that still feels like a loss. Excited, engaged, open, communal. random screencaps: peaky blinders | 1.02. Cerebral, perceptive, devoted. Jeremiah’s eyes were ringed so deeply in dark bruises you were almost worried that the man had been involved in a fight. Y/N Shelby is the younger sister of Arthur and Tommy and the older sister of John and Ada. By the time they were taller than you they would both offer out an arm, charming grins coating their lips as you threaded both of yours between theirs and allowed the boys to lead you to your destination. they can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. When both boys had returned you had taught the pair how to properly sew the blades into the caps without cutting themselves, all while sharing several embarrassing tales of the older brothers rapping their blooded knuckles upon your door after their own failed sewing attempts. You couldn’t sleep, the baby finally snoring soundly in the Moses basket by your feet after sobbing himself to exhaustion. A hyper bride. 1 July 2020. copy link to post. And you can never restrain the smile tugging at the edges of your lips, your eyes reflecting the mischief swimming in theirs. 16 year old John keeps shying away from work when one day his older sister finds out why. #peaky blinders #tommy shelby #cillian murphy #arthur shelby #tv show #season 4 #lizzie shelby #jessie eden #ada shelby #ada thorne #screencaps More you might like. The night had dragged on far longer than anyone had expected it to. Whirring metal, wastelands, shattering glass, ticking technology, Digital displays, android eye rolling & watching all. The following morning Y/N woke with a start, a sudden coldness pulling her from her peaceful slumber. She felt as if she was drowning, the guilt stealing what little breath she had left, forcing her to wallow in the dark abyss of her forbidden feelings. Warnings: internalised homophobia (brief) crying, swearing, tooth-rotting fluff. You could only smile at the boy before Jeremiah nudged a swaddle of blankets in your direction as he took in your now 16 year old appearance. Metal, ice, fire, swords flashing, toxic green wildfire exploding…strength, singed, bitter smell on a battlefield, brutal cold, A haze of Smoke left from Dragon-breath, shaggy black furs, silver-white braids, restless stallions, shadows hiding little birds. You cleaned the new cuts scattered across his hands before sending him to fetch the cap he had tucked into his coat pocket that was slung over the back of his chair. peaky blinders (2013-) #cillian murphy #tommy shelby #peaky blinders #thomas shelby #perioddramaedit #cillianmurphyedit #my edits #what's peaky blinders about? You remember pulling the door open just enough to glance through the slit, pushing it open wider when you saw the Jesus man, a babbling 2 year old toddler sat on his hip. Heart on sleeve, familial, deeply committed, creative, ROMANTIC. Just know whoever and wherever you are, whatever your sexual orientation, whether you have labels or not, whether you’re out or not - you are valid, you are loved and you are appreciated x. She was sure that if she was to look into a mirror, her reflection would reveal the dark circles surrounding her Y/E/C orbs had almost halved. Barely contained violence, Spanish gold in the sunlight, a vintage well-loved book. A greenhouse with fragrant, rare plants, Classy, thoughtful design, lovers of vintage & Victoriana.Small, but lovely. Flames in amber brown eyes, pastel petals showering down. Higher planes, angles, cutting edge, cerebral, Philosophical, very visceral reactions. Thank you! After sneaking a handful of sugar cubes from the box into your dress pocket, you and the young boy had skipped down the lane towards the little church to tick the first errand from the list. And since they are both so tall, the boys flanking your sides were effective sun shields, the shadows they cast over you blocking your eyes from the harsh rays. Funny, unconcerned with social dictates, powerful, alive. Calloused hands on soft skin, always asking if your comfortable, constantly telling you he loves you, how beautiful you look, all the shit you would never expect from him in the outside world. Fearless, loud, red dress, Shabbat dinner, a vintage mic, fresh brisket, odd suspenders, a spinning record player, a rotary phone, in bed. Exotic men in satin bathrobes tumbling out of a boudoir. Peaky Blinders Quotes Total quotes: 95 Show Metadata Hide Metadata. You had curled up with a mug of tea in the window watching the men of Small Heath make their morning commute to their factory jobs over the other side of the cut when you heard the knock ring though the downstairs portion of the home. Ends in sibling fluff. Thank you! Summary: Y/N continues to process her feelings for the Robert’s girl whilst uncovering Ada’s own secret. peakyxshelby. And before you can even attempt to half-heartedly scold the boys they are closing the car latch and rushing in your direction. 1593615701. She pulled herself from the self-indulgent slouch, scooping the pink-faced baby into her arms before she started to rock for what felt like the hundredth time that dull Tuesday. this could apply to all the peaky boys lol arthur shelby peaky blinders pb incorrect peaky blinders quotes source: kravchikfreak jjmaybank 327 notes Apr 19th, 2020 Open in app When they were little they would chase each other, playing as they weaved between the rushed mothers and busy workers roaming the streets, eventually wearing themselves out and attaching themselves to each of your hips or your hands. Well apparently he’s run off to London with that bloke he was caught snogging” George Roberts started; head held in his hands, eyebrows furrowed as he glanced up from the piles of paperwork littering his desk. Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis, Peaky Blinders (2013-) Source: genterie. Peaky Blinders Confessions. Productive, driven, large, active, creative. Arthur | Tommy | John | Ada | Finn | Michael, ⇨ being Micahel’s older cousin would include. The last thing I want to do is trigger any negative emotions for you. Peaky blinders . Of course, you had been informed of the fate of the boy’s mother who had died peacefully after a complicated labour, her newborn babe tucked securely against her chest as her arms weakened around the swaddle. The confessions that you see are submitted by other people, and ARE NOT NOT MY OPINIONS. They both press a quick kiss to opposite cheeks at the same time before running off. Peaky blinders . A gray tweed hat, a cigarette hanging from tight lips, a boxing ring in slo-mo with sweat spraying the air, bluest eyes under thick charcoal lashes. #frasi belle #frasi amore #citazioni #frasi tristi #persona #mi manchi #ti amo #amore #frasi vita #frasi d'amore #frasi sulla vita #frasi e citazioni #pensieri #frasi e parole #assenza Altri che potrebbero piacerti. And since the brothers were so busy with both the legitimate and illegal business they hadn’t noticed the crooked, wobbling blades lining the fold of the Jesus boy’s cap. “May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”, It's not the formless being - deadendtracks (amonitrate) - Peaky Blinders (TV) [Archive of Our Own], An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works, kızın adına dair bi fikrim yok önemi de yok zaten o yuzden ingilizce tag atmaya devam, var ya sanki çiftler gibi yaozyom ama napam köpeğiyim beğeninin rbnin, my little contribution to this incredible show. That memory was one of the few that kept the man going in the miserable trench conditions. While Campbell goes hunting for Tommy, the Shelby sister tries to rebuild the life of her oldest brother. 55 Peaky imagines for everyone to check out below! Chapters: 1/1Fandom: Peaky Blinders (TV)Rating: MatureWarnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsRelationships: Ada Shelby & Tommy Shelby, Tommy Shelby & Charlie Strong, Curly & Tommy Shelby, Polly Gray & Tommy Shelby, Tommy Shelby/Alfie SolomonsCharacters: Tommy Shelby, Ada Shelby, Polly Gray, Charlie Strong, Curly (Peaky Blinders)Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Head Injury, Infection, Fever, Brain Damage, Season/Series 03, Implied/Referenced Abortion, Discussion of Abortion, Abortion, Unplanned Pregnancy, Trauma, Drug Use, Whump, Memory LossSeries: Part 4 of Not, Part 3 of whump-o-rimoSummary: He knew how it sounded to this man. Her eyes slipped shut, hoping to alleviate the tired sting for just a moment before a gentle hand reached up to pinch at the bridge of her nose. Profound, female, literary. peaky blinders screencaps: favourite scenes | 4.06 peaky blinders tommy shelby cillian murphy favourite scenes tv show screencaps stills edit 76 notes Nov 8th, 2020 A masquerade mask, a red dress to fight a battle. #peaky blinders x reader #peaky blinders #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby #thomas shelby #arthur shelby #alfie solomons x reader #alfie solomons #john shelby #peaky fookin blinders #michael grey #john shelby x reader More you might like. One evening you had taken him aside after you watched the boy flinch and hiss, ruby drops littering the dossier towers lining his desk. A crime serial that is loved by many and watched by millions across the globe. The Shelby sister had felt the tension brewing in the Small Heath smog as the tired sun inched westwards towards its circadian demise. If you’re interested in being a member, apply to join us! #peaky blinders x reader #peaky blinders #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby #thomas shelby #arthur shelby #alfie solomons x reader #alfie solomons #john shelby #peaky fookin blinders #michael grey #john shelby x reader More you might like. Jeremiah accepted the hug, bending down to embrace his boy before rising back to his full height, throwing his arms out wider to draw the two Shelby’s into his chest alongside his own son. Tweet; Facebook; Permalink; Reblog; Embed link; Tommy Shelby walked into the London house, tension leaving his shoulders as crossed the threshold. A little bawdy. It wasn’t until 1912 when you properly met the now 7 year old boy. (My edit), Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis in Peaky Blinders (2013-), Annabelle Wallis Your newest tumblr blog for gifs and edits of the BBC/Netflix series. A sweeping Cornwall Moor at sunset, crashing foamy waves, long red hair, picked yellow and blue wildflowers, a Redcoats outfit, black curls framing fathomlessly deep brown eyes and an unbearably endearing crooked grin, open skies, intimate smiles in a simple, wood-floored sunny kitchen. He couldn’t help but note how much you had changed over the past 2 years, now taller and slimmer faced dressed in dusty blue skirts and your mother’s frilled blouses, the pretty hand-embroidered dressed of your youth now folded neatly in Ada’s half of the dresser. A lace fan over a low cut bodice, women’s rolling laughter, the smell of food and stale perfume, last night’s champagne and dirty sheets.

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